Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on job hunting, Comida, affordable housing and Korean BBQ

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 9 things young job seekers say that make me want to scream

“As a (somewhat) young person in the workplace, I would love to write a counter article to this titled — 9 things experienced people in the workforce say that make me want to scream.” – W

“Could have been a lot more useful to young job seekers. Instead of offering helpful tips and alternatives, the tone is condescending, whiny, and rude.” – E

“Bullseye Ted! This can be applied to most industries. Key takeaways are be ambitious and differentiate yourself from the herd.” – N

“Putting Snapchat and Instagram on a resume is inappropriate in most cases unless you’re trying to appeal to a blog that wants to increase its follower count.” – A

“Excellent. I’m a mom (business mom) and its great to pass on to my college kids.” – R

“I wish Ted was a subject-matter expert on proofreading! His articles ALWAYS have typos. Do better and quit being so bossy.” – P

“Ask for feedback. Why didn’t someone hire you? Was it lack of experience or a poor interview? The answer may sting, but you’ll be better for knowing what about you didn’t fit the company.” – B

“If you are a leader in the creative industry and you think that it is above you to have coffee with a genuinely interested future creative, then you cannot expect young people to grow.” – A

“As a current UNC Charlotte student, I found this article to be hilarious in the sense that it was not very helpful…. How is this supposed to inspire my peers & I if we are still learning how to market and brand ourselves?” – N

“Most of Ted’s advice is wrong, incomplete, or non-existent. This article is awful. Creative job seekers: build a solid portfolio; use a keyword-rich resume (even w/o professional experience, describe your academic or independent experience in resume language); contact a creative-based recruiting company; actively saturate job boards and postings with your resume; and finally, reach out to professionals in your target field.” – J

In response to: Carolina Meat & Fish Co.’s Lobster Roll Friday is a hit, selling out by 11:30 a.m. most weeks

“Shouldn’t that roll be buttered and toasted?” – J

“Horrified that the Agenda is promoting this disgusting business. This is the same company that screwed over tons (not sure of the exact number) of Agenda readers in Fall 2016 all-you-can-eat crabfeast. I know it was over a year ago, but one look at the company’s responses to negative yelp reviews will show that nothing has changed. – K

“My wife and I were two of the unlucky many who were swindled by this thief at the Crab Fest a year or so ago. It really stinks seeing you guys back promoting his store, even if it was inadvertent.” – M

In response to: What’s next for Charlotte’s light rail?

“While I understand that rail lines may be seen as outdated technology (They are not! Take a look at the trains in Asia!) and driverless cars are cool, putting more cars on the road (driverless or otherwise) just creates more traffic. And putting more cars on the road did not create the South End, the Light Rail did. If we don’t get away from cars, we will never become pedestrian friendly. And while light rail may cost more per mile, increasing roads are much more short-sighted.” – P

In response to: Have you made it to Cinnaholic yet? The all-vegan menu features build-your-own cinnamon rolls with dozens of frostings and toppings as well as cookie dough by the scoop

“Cinnamon rolls and cookie dough are AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to have more!!” – C

“Lord Jesus is answering alllll my prayers. Sweet baby jesus in a manger.” – M

“Have had the blueberry pie and cookie dough both were awesome.” – B

In response to: Going on vacation? Here are 7 pet sitters who will have a sleepover with your pet

“It is cheaper to have someone watch my kids than your dog.” – R

In response to: 6 things no one tells you before you buy a house in Charlotte

“What the hell is a “Asheville-esque 60’s kitchen” you ask? Basically an out of date, energy deficient kitchen dressed in wacky colors…then throw in Asheville-esque to make it sound hip.” – H

In response to: What to expect from Superica, a popular Tex-Mex restaurant targeting a May grand opening in South End

“That’s one of the most expensive Mexican menus I’ve ever seen. El Nevada > Superica” – L

In response to: This 3-mile hike through a 10,400-acre forest features three waterfalls – as seen in Hunger Games and Last of the Mohicans

“Hiked there last summer and saw all three. Beautiful!” – K

“Definitely even more fun to mountain bike than hike there!” – Q

“I also highly recommend Rainbow and Turtleback Falls.” – K

In response to: Comida now open in Myers Park — View menu, which no longer includes tacos

“Better economics & better neighborhood fit? You do realize both Soul and Bistro la Bon are doing quite well in Plaza Midwood and are the same price points as Comida? I think it just boiled down to people in Plaza Midwood weren’t impressed by a higher price point on mediocre food. – B

“Oh they figured out $6 two bite tacos won’t work in MP either. – P

“$11 for a tamale? ” – J

“I just can’t bring myself to even try to eat at a place that sounds like a bacterial sexually transmitted disease.” – R

In response to: 18 spring races to run this year, including the Know Your Craft 5K and a 24-hour race at the Whitewater Center

“I wish they had weight lifting events like they do 5ks. I’m no beast or anything so I’d still come in like 599th place but I’d definitely rather deadlift than run.” – W

In response to: Most popular dishes at Indaco, a highly rated Charleston-based Italian restaurant coming to South End

“Raspect for naming a drink ‘No Ragrets’. I might even pay $26 for a tortellini dish because they did that. Maybe.” – G

In response to: I ate donuts from 5 donut shops in 5 hours – here are my quick takeaways

“You missed a couple of great ones – The Donut House in Indian Trail, MJ in Pineville and hands down the best glazed doughnuts come from Krispy Kreme.” – J

“Quick takeaway: diabetes” – S

“Include Rise Biscuits and Donuts and then we can talk.” – J

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a $58,000 salary

“Her parents paid for her college, bought her a car, pay her monthly car insurance, pay her monthly phone bill, and pay her monthly health insurance?!? The real world doesn’t exist for many people anymore, I guess.” – C

“I can’t believe how many people buy juice cleanse things everyday” – H

In response to: The 8 kinds of people you’ll meet at Charlotte’s St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl

Best time of the year to look at the mugshots and see all the people in green shirts!” – B

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a $50,000 salary

“Gym membership $165/mo? Good grief where is she going? And did I read that her phone insurance part is around $100/mo? Glad to see she’s systematically adding to a savings account though.” – D

In response to: Why even Charlotte millionaires should care about affordable housing

“The most affordable housing happens in markets with the least amount of rules and regulations, like Texas! Every regulation cost money. The city and county of Charlotte makes it more expensive to build with things like ‘tree save areas’ of government extortion. The county makes you pay $20,000 to $50,000 to save an area of trees the seize of a large pool. and if you pay the fine, then you can build without saving trees. Its extortion.” – D

“There are entirely too many ‘not in my area’ arguments when it comes to affordable housing.” – J

“When you walk into a lot of retail stores or restaurants do you ever wonder where the person who cleans the tables lives. How far did they have to travel to come to their minimum wage job? The people who seem to make it to work on bad weather days so you can have coffee at the drive through. Where are all the people living who are building all these new unaffordable units? – N

“Walked into some of the low income housing to see delighted children living in places that will make you tear up and humble you in ways that hopefully will change you. We must do better at taking care of people who have been taking care of our needs.” – E

In response to: GoTeeBox hosting closest-to-the-pin golf competitions at Hoppin’ and Queen City Q — Here’s how it works

“Closest to the pin is now 4 feet after the fundraiser at Noda Brewing on Monday!” – G

In response to: South End’s new all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant opens this week

“Geezus. No food posts after 8! I’m literally in bed, just brushed my teeth, now I’m hungry.” – C

“I’ve been to tons of Korean bbq places and $30 per person is pretty expensive for Charlotte and I’ve never heard of a 2 hr time limit.” – K

“If I wanted to cook my own food I’d stay home and spend way less than $30.” – M

In response to: Holler & Dash, described as “Cracker Barrel for Millennials,” is now open in South End near the Harris Teeter

“Yes x 100” – N

“Ugh more southern fried food lol I may in the wrong city—I’ll be at the juice bar next door.” – E

In response to: 4 questions raised by Legion Brewing’s expansion to SouthPark

“Never fear, I’m sure Legion will be just fine here with all of us ‘old’ unhip types. I know plenty of people my age that like a good brew and frequent them all over Charlotte. We also like to hang out because, you know, we may have had a hip replacement or something at our age. Don’t you worry, build it here and we will come.” – R

“Will you please stop referring to the Plaza and Elizabeth as “urban”? I mean I get it, those neighborhoods would be considered urban…if you haven’t travelled much. Anyone that’s been or lived anywhere other than Charlotte would laugh at someone calling the plaza “urban” and Elizabeth – give me a break. I know moving from Ballantyne to the Plaza might make one think they’ve moved to an “urban” location but maybe hop on a flight, there are daily flights from CLT to tons of major cities, and figure out what an urban area is before looking like a yokel that’s never been past Lincoln county.” – P

In response to: House hunting? View top 10 open houses this weekend

“I really look forward to the open house article every Friday! I just wanted to say thank you because my girlfriend and I were able to find a beautiful home in midtown. We’ll be moving in Wednesday, all thanks to your article.” – C

In response to: How I Work: Michael A. DeMayo, CEO of the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo

“M.A.D. interview : This totally changed my perception/opinion in a good way. Hope I never need his services but now know who I would call first. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY people and provide exceptional service to your client/customer in both cases the money will follow. He has a strong community budget and a good focus. bravo” – R

In response to: How to get a lobster dinner in South End for less than the cost of one Charlotte cocktail

“By the time I got the lobster was gone. This was 5pm. No seating at the bar and no lobster.” – A

“Taj-ma-teeter does this also sans alcohol. You can eat it in the Starbucks.” – R

“They also sell lobster rolls almost everyday for seven bucks. Absolutely delicious. – D

“Sold out by 5:30p. And that was after waiting for 30 minutes. Better get there early! People are swarming the Teeter!” – K

In response to: I went to Pearl. in Uptown and it cured my dental fears

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for that article. It has been at least five years since I’ve been to the dentist and would’ve been perfectly happy waiting another five years. You exhibited my exact feelings/issues with your article. Because of you, I made an appt at the College location. I filled out the dental forms online and kept mentioning my dental anxiety so they’d be prepared. I received a text message at 830am today informing me they had a cancellation and if I could come in at 9. The anxiety began and the heart started racing but I said sure. On my walk over to from Corporate Center, I almost turned back twice… sitting in the waiting room had me thinking I made a mistake. When the hygienist called my name; I was ready to bolt out the door. I think she sensed my fear and immediately tried to put me at ease. I told her that I’ve never had a bad experience it’s just my gums and teeth are extremely sensitive and the sound and feel from the archaic tools they use makes me quiver. She told me we’d take it slow and at any time I needed a minute that we’d stop. Headphones on and I proceeded to watch Willy Wonka. She numbed my gums also and proceeded… She did the gum line measurements and began to clean. I kept waiting but no pain, no sensitivity along the gum. It was absolutely wonderful and before I knew it, we were done. Prognosis — two existing fillings need to be redone and a third needs to be replaced with a crown and they recommend a night guard because I apparently grind my teeth. I really can’t thank you enough.” – R

In response to: Parents in limbo as south Charlotte pediatricians leave Atrium Health over proposed pay cut

“Thank you for shedding light on the South Charlotte Pediatrician chaos. When we lost our pediatrician earlier this year we were completely confused as well as panicked. Now we’re relieved to hear that the departure was because of an unfortunate pay cut and not due to a case of malpractice. Absolutely no one would give us any information!” – C

“Welcome to Obamacare.” – T

“Yep, our pediatrician in Huntersville left too… we followed him” – J

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